Performing on...
Saturday 7:45pm - 8:30pm @ the Acoustic Stage
Friday 12:40pm - 1:30pm @ the Main Stage

Tall Travis

Indie Folk / Folk Punk

Rooted in acoustic folk instrumentation, Tall Travis' sound is characterized by energetic performance of lyrically compelling and distinctive songs.

As legend would have it, Tall Travis was born on a dark and stormy night a quarter century ago in a town not far from here. His name was a plea by his parents, travelers by the last name Travis, to the moon goddess to save their diminutive statures. Few records survive of Tall's childhood, but for years rumors swirled through small New England towns of an unusually lanky child with an exceptional talent for the musical triangle.

By the late 2010s Tall was living on the shore of Lake Champlain and preparing to execute his master plan: orchestrating the convergence of 6 young musicians in a unique musical ensemble to showcase his triangle skills. However, it was not to be. A trip to Quebec to visit a master triangle tuner turned into a months-long exile after the border closed in the spring of 2020. Still, he watched from afar as the musicians he had recruited began playing in his absence. Though broken cars, stolen instruments, copyright disputes, and the occasional arrest kept him away in the ensuing years, he offered guidance by carrier pigeon and recorded the occasional electric organ track for their 3 releases to date. As you listen to the music of the band that bears his name, be sure to glance at the horizon from time to time - you may just see Tall's head, poking above the distant clouds.