Black Bear's 5th Year!

Oct 6-8, 2023

Columbus Day Weekend
@ the Goshen Fairgrounds, Goshen CT

The countdown is on for Black Bear 2023—the much-anticipated FIFTH edition of our annual music festival! Join us for a 3-day musical adventure that brings together the best of rock, blues, folk, bluegrass, and more, in a celebration of America's rich cultural diversity.

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Over 40+ Bands

The Black Bear Americana Music Fest is a 3-day festival celebrating rock blues folk bluegrass and the many other types of music that have contributed to America's rich and dynamic culture.

We'll be featuring Grammy Award-winning national artists up-and-coming acts on the verge of making it big familiar stars of Black Bear's four-year history and the best of the local talent New England has to offer!

3 Days of Music

On FOUR Stages!

Spend the whole weekend exploring a variety music and performance settings. From the the intimate Gazebo and Workshop Stages to the dynamic and lively Acoustic and Main Stage.

RV & TENT Camping

For late night shenanigans!

If you've been to a music festival before, you know that the fun doesn't just stop when the last band exits the stage. In some parts of our festival community, that's when the afterparty begins

Black Bear has reserved RV and tent camping available if you wanted to join the party!