Performing on...
Saturday 11:00am - 11:50am @ the Main Stage


BARJ Music - Blues, Alternative, Rock, and Jazz

We are a jazz fusion band that is reminiscent of the 70s rock and roll scene of Billy Joel, Steely Dan, Bruce Springsteen and Van Morrison but with deeper vocals, horn-based riffs, catchy bass lines and jazz-infused drums. It's a little rock, a little ska, a little heavy metal, and a little jazz all in one to create a unique sound

We are the band Thanks! We love making music because of the expression and connection that comes with creating it. In today’s world there are a lot of distractions. A lot of different voices telling you how to think and what to believe. Music is a way for us to just feel and express what cannot be said. It is way to convey emotion that cannot be interpreted wrong or miscommunicated. We all understand the language of music, no matter who we are or where we are from. To be able to connect with other people on a level like that is special and unmatched. We love to connect with music fans of all kinds when we hit the stage. We love to bring the energy and feel the energy from the crowd. We are looking forward to bringing that to the Black Bear Music Festival