Performing on...
Friday 5:00pm - 6:00pm @ the Main Stage

Susan Werner

Are we having any fun? Lets have some fun, for godssakes.

I play guitar and piano and sing and write songs in English and everybody has a real good time. Google Translate has that in Latin as: Cithara et piano ludo et cano et carmina Anglice scribo et omnes tempus verum bonum habet. I dont know if thats correct, it just looks kinda of interesting.

Alright Black Bear! I've heard so much about you, excited to be asked to the party. I'm a serial songwriter, best known for writing a series of concept albums from "agnostic gospel" (The Gospel Truth) to a tribute to farmers (Hayseed) to humorous tunes that serve no purpose whatsoever (Eight Unnecessary Songs). I really enjoy experimenting with new subject matter and new genres, it keeps the adventure going and the surprises coming. My most recent record is The Birds of Florida, in which I attempt to both love and hate the Sunshine State. Hey, somebody had to do it.