Performing on...
Friday 6:15pm - 7:00pm @ the Gazebo Stage
Saturday 5:30pm - 6:15pm @ the Gazebo Stage

Bards of Gungywamp


A mash of Celtic, Bluegrass, Folk and Punk

Bards of Gungywamp formed late one winter to play some music for a short string of St. Patrick's day shows, and have since traveled the hills and valleys of Old New England, playing Irish pubs, Renn Faires, Festivals and more. They blend a mix of Irish, Scottish, American and so much more into the music, which includes not only traditional tunes but also originals crafted in their own unique style that tell stories of life in their area. The bards all hail from around the hills on ancient stone site, Gungywamp, which contains equinox chambers and calendars thought to be over 2000 years old. The bards pull upon histories like these to weave tradition into their modern folk sound.