Festival Rules

  • Black Bear Americana Music Fest reserves the right to refuse entry or remove any person whose conduct is deemed unacceptable, overly loud and disruptive or illegal.

  • Wristbands must be displayed/worn at all times. Anyone found not to be wearing a wristband will be removed from the premises.

  • No soliciting.

  • No illegal substances or misuse of alcohol will be tolerated.

  • No firearms or weapons of any kind.

  • No drones.

  • No tailgating in non-camping areas.

  • Day ticket purchasers must be off the fairgrounds by midnight.

  • NO COOLERS can be brought into the fairgrounds (applies to day/weekend ticket holders).

  • All backpacks, large purses, strollers, etc. will be searched upon entrance to the festival.

  • Please observe the designated smoking areas; no smoking is allowed in spectator area.

  • Chair height in stage area must not exceed 30”

  • Pop up tents, umbrellas, umbrella chairs or any other viewing obstructions are not allowed in the spectator area.

  • All sales final.

  • In the event of severe weather, emergency instructions will be broadcast.

  • Please note that internet/cell service is spotty at best. Be prepared to be unplugged! Remember you’re here for the music!!

  • ABSOLUTELY NO FIREWORKS OR CHINESE LANTERNS!! Anyone caught using these items will IMMEDIATELY be escorted from the fairgrounds!

 Festival FAQs

What happens if the weather is inclement? . . .

BBAMF is held rain or shine. However, we do have one stage located inside a building for those that may melt in the rain. Note that umbrellas can’t be used in the stage area as they would block the view of the people behind.

Is there a discounted ticket price for children? . . .

Children 16 and under are free.

Do you take credit cards for purchases? . . .

BBAMF takes credit cards for all purchases, including tickets and merchandise. Most individual vendors take credit cards but some do not. There are ATM machines at the Festival.

What happens if I lose my ticket? . . .

All tickets are scanned at the gate and wristbands are provided. If your ticket is lost or stolen, you must come in person to our customer service booth at the Fairgrounds for a replacement ticket. You must provide a valid photo ID. There is a $5.00 fee to reissue a ticket/wristband. All lost tickets will be voided; if someone should attempt to use a voided ticket, this action will be turned over to the police.

What are the gate hours? . . .

Gates open at 9:00 for day ticket holders. All day ticket holders must be off grounds by midnight. Campers can access the fairgrounds at any time provided that have proper identification – a wristband and a parking pass for their vehicle. If campers are accessing the fairgrounds after midnight, we ask that you abide by the quiet time regulations.

Are dogs allowed? . . .

Dogs are not allowed at the Fairgrounds unless it is a service animal. Paperwork must be provided in these cases and BBAMF must be notified ahead of time via email.

I have a day ticket. What should I bring? . . .

Bring a chair (must be lower than 30 inches high), appropriate clothing for the weather and a friend! Note that coolers are not allowed to be brought onto festival grounds.

Camping Rules

  • One vehicle per campsite. If you wish to bring more than one vehicle, there is a $25.00 fee and cars will be parked in designated parking area.

  • Quiet time is in effect after 11:00 p.m. We ask that you respect this “good neighbor policy” while you are camping. Picking will be allowed after 11:00 p.m. as long as it is not disruptive to your neighbor.

  • Small fires are allowed at campsites in off ground fire pits only and are allowable at the discretion of the Fire Marshall. Please be sure to dispose of all ashes in the designated ash cans on site.

  • Please be sure to empty all garbage and recycling into designated barrels on site.

  • NO DOGS/PETS allowed.

  • No coolers are allowed in the stage areas. If you bring a cooler, you must leave it at your campsite. No kegs are allowed.

  • NO FIREARMS or weapons of any kind are allowed. ABSOLUTELY NO FIREWORKS OR CHINESE LANTERNS!! Anyone caught using these items will IMMEDIATELY be escorted from the fairgrounds! (Trailers subject to search)

  • Campsites with electricity; electrical outlets are rated at 20 amps; 120 volts

  • Showers will be available at @ $5.00 per person; drinking and potable water for campers will be available at no charge.

  • Generators may run from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. only.

  • Parking decal must be displayed on vehicle at all times.

  • Check in times: beginning the day before the music starts (Thursday) @ noon; all vehicles and trailers must be removed from fairgrounds the day after the music starts (Monday) @ noon.

  • No motorized vehicles are allowed on fairgrounds, including golf carts, mules, etc. unless there are handicapped issues. Bicycles are allowed until dusk.

  • Allotted sizes for campsites: Black Bear Music Fest is happy to provide a generous 40 X 30 camping area. Campsites are assigned in the order received; you can purchase sites for friends that you want to camp with. Sites are reserved which will allow campers to arrive when convenient. Your site will be waiting for you upon your arrival. NOTE: NO saving camp sites is permitted! All “saved” sites must be paid for in advance. You cannot save space for a late arrival unless booked through the website, in advance.

  • Tent sites: you will be able to park one vehicle in your tent site. Tent sites are not reserved but BBAMF staff must approve the site. The Goshen Fairgrounds has lots of nooks and crannies appropriate for tents, but we must ensure that it’s safe to park your vehicle. Tenting areas will be marked as such. We ask that you keep your tent footprint to a reasonable size. You may save spots for friends up until Friday at 3:00 p.m.

  • You may set up tents within your assigned campsite. Only one trailer per site is allowed.

Camping FAQ

Can I save space for a friend? . . .

While you can’t save space upon your arrival, you can purchase as many sites as you’d like and request that the sites be next to each other. We have lots of “nooks and crannies” at the Goshen Fairgrounds and we are happy to reserve spaces once purchased.

When can campers arrive? . . .

Gates open Thursday, October 4th at noon. Because all camping sites are reserved ahead of time there is no need to line up at the gate prior to that. No campers or vehicles will be allowed to park on the side of the road to wait until the gates are open. Please help us be good neighbors by avoiding traffic issues!

What happens when I get to the gate with my camper? . . .

All campers are checked in upon arrival. You must show your ticket (one for each person in the vehicle) and provide your parking pass. Your parking pass must remain in the vehicle at all times. Once you have parked your camper in your designated spot and have settled in, you can exchange your ticket for your wristband.

Will there be camping if I haven’t bought a ticket prior to the weekend? . . .

All sites for trailers must be reserved in advance. There are a very limited number of campsites and we will sell out quickly. If we have available spaces for tents, you may purchase a camping/full festival ticket on the day you arrive. (There is no discount if you arrive midway through the festival.) Our site manager will assign you a tent space if there are any available. You must speak with customer service in order to purchase a “day of” camping ticket.

How big are the campsites? . . .

Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Standard Campsites for trailers are 40 x 30. If you drive a large bus type camper, you may have to pay extra for additional space to fit your trailer. All campsites are marked; you must keep your vehicle, trailer and all camping gear inside your allocated space. You may set up tents inside your area.

Tent campsites are 20 x 15 but we usually have room to stretch out a little. We will do our best to accommodate your tent and vehicle.

Will there be ice available? . . .

Yes, we will have an ice vendor. For a full list of vendors, look on the vendor page.

Are fires allowed? . . .

Travel trailer sites may have campfires in an off the ground fire pit (at the discretion of the Goshen Fire Marshal); tent sites may or may not have fires, depending on where they are located on the fairgrounds and the proximity to other tents.

Are there showers? . . .

BBAMF will provide a shower trailer; campers will be charged $5.00 per usage.

Is there water available to fill our trailer’s water tank? . . .

Yes, we will have a water truck on site for filling campers.

Can I have my camper pumped out? . . .

Yes, Chatfield Rentals supply our port o pots and can pump out your trailer for a fee.

Can I bring my own food and drink? . . .

Yes, campers may bring food and drink. No kegs are allowed.

What else should I know? . . .

Safety is our main concern. Please be aware that there are absolutely NO firearms, weapons, fireworks or Chinese lanterns allowed. Trailers are subject to search.