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Adam Ezra Group

"I don't know that I have seen a room explode as it did when the Adam Ezra Group came out. Superb!" 
Phil Simon, 
Simon Says Booking

Belle of the Fall

"Belle of the Fall has proven musical soulmates exist."
Vents Magazine

Goodnight Moonshine

(featuring Molly Venter)

"When you first hear Goodnight Moonshine it brings a wave of nostalgia, conjuring teenage heartache- then perhaps a similar sensation to falling deeply in love."

Ian Campbell

"There's just something so pure about this very creative songwriter."
Brian Mattiello
Warner Theater Music Festival

Joe Crookston


“At every festival I hope to find the gift of one artist whose songwriting and performance stand out. Joe Crookston was that gift for me this year at the Philadelphia Folk Festival."
David Francey

John Gorka

"Rules of art were made to be shattered. When broken by accident, that’s gaucheness. When broken on purpose, well, that’s style. John Gorka’s technique breaks free from the rules of modern music."
Brian DAmbrosio,
Huffington Post 

Jeff Blaney

“A hidden Nashville gem”
Show the Show

Kala Farnham

" of New England's best voices in one of this year's best written and best recorded works."
Bill Copeland,
Music News

The Lustre Kings

"A cold beer, a hot date and the Lustre Kings. Real roots rock and roll never sounded so good."
Radio WAMC

The Mammals

“...gleefully aware that the sound barriers separating old-timey music, vintage pop and contemporary folk are as permeable as cotton.”
Washington Post

The Nields

"Imagine if Natalie Merchant had a sister with an equally good voice singing perfect harmony with her…intimate and electric."
Sing Out! Magazine

The Revelers

“Sometimes the greasiest gumbo can also be the best, as anyone within earshot of this mess will attest. Bon ton all night long.”
Bill Bentley,
Vanguard Records

Shawn Taylor

"Shawn Taylor has a wonderfully damaged voice - a sort of Tom Waits 'I gargle cinder blocks in the morning' growl, but less of a put-on than Waits' bark."
New Haven Advocate

The Slambovian Circus of Dreams

"Songs imbued with mystical stirrings and idealism… they take the stage by storm!”
The New York Times

Soul Case

"Rock, Jam, Alt, Electronic, Soul"

The Sweetback Sisters

"Gorgeous harmonies over swell honky-tonk melodies.Trust us, these guys are brilliant!"
NBC New York

Vance Gilbert

"...the voice of an angel, the wit of a devil, and the guitar playing of a god..."
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

The Way Down Wanderers

"...the band actually emerged fully formed, possessing a certain savvy that assures their ability to stand apart in a crowded field of nu-grass contenders."
Relix Magazine

The Wool Hats

“The Wool Hats’ approach to Bluegrass draws on a post-modern sensibility integrating many influences into a unique expression."