Performing on...
Friday 12:00pm - 12:40pm @ the Acoustic Stage
Saturday 5:15pm - 6:15pm @ the Workshop Stage

Allison Leah

folk-pop singer-songwriter

Catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics. If you're a fan of Phoebe Bridgers, Maisie Peters, Maggie Rogers, or Taylor Swift, check out Allison Leah!

Allison Leah has an innate gift for songwriting, coupling honest stories with ethereal melodies and accumulating over two million streams worldwide. Her detailed, vulnerable lyrics offer a unique perspective on love, coming-of-age, nostalgia, and the world around us.

Leah has spent 2022 and 2023 releasing new music and touring extensively throughout North America. Her new EP, “the weight of my heart” is out now.

To listen to Allison Leah is to know her, and maybe even to get to know yourself a little better too.