Portrait Party

... excellent and precise musicianship, socially conscious lyrics, and a melody that will lodge itself right in your head.
— CT Verses

Schedule for:

  • Friday (Acoustic Main Stage, Gazebo Stage)


Portrait Party is an indie-rock band comprised of respected members of the CT music scene. The power trio is built upon complex yet compelling ideas that work together to mold a dynamic personality. Their vibrant and unique style is influenced by an assortment of genres that blend together to set a dulcet atmosphere.

The members consist of Jason LaPierre on Guitar/Vocals, Dan Deutsch on Drums/Backup vocals, and Chris Connelly on Bass.

Portrait Party’s music is aimed at creating catchy music, yet still providing an interesting harmonic structure. They currently have two single’s available at the moment titled “Underlying Chaos” and “Saucebox”. Both songs give the audience a sense of the care and dedication they put into creating their music. They are currently in the process of recording their first EP and could be found playing shows across New England.

What’s your music like?

We have been told we sound like Steely Dan meets The Strokes! We also have been told we sound like artists such as the Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, and Vampire Weekend. We like to take our music and add intricate details to keep our music fresh to the listener's ear and give our songs their own original style.

Where can I hear and see more?