Mustard's Retreat

They may not be the ones you came to see, but they will be the ones you come back for!
— Andy Braunfeld, Philadelphia Folk Festival


May 1975. It seemed inevitable. Libby Glover, Michael Hough and David Tamulevich had been informally jamming with each other for 3 months in the Rathskellar of the Old Heidelberg Restaurant in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The room had grown consistently packed with enthusiastic fans every weekend. They all agreed it was time trio made it official and chose the name Mustard’s Retreat, which was a tune David had written.

What’s your music like?

Our music is informed by 1960s, when traditional music, activism and the emerging singer/songwriter movement intersected: strong lyrics, strong melody, meaningful songs with a purpose.

Where can I hear and see more?