Kerri Powers

I don’t know where this young lady came from but it’s got to be a secret place. This is not the kind of singing and performing that can be easily taught. It has to be in your spirit, in your blood and the fact that she is from the Northeast is going to confound the artists down South, in the Delta, in Memphis, Clarksdale, Austin, and Nashville.
— John Apice/No Depression


Much like countess Godiva, Powers has taken an unconventional approach to her music career and the hurdles that inevitably come with it. During an artistic youth indulging in music, painting and writing she composed her first songs at the age of nine. Her creative instincts seemed to come naturally, given that there was a certain talent embedded in her genes. Bing Crosby was a distant relative on her father’s side, while her mother’s relatives claimed a kinship to Herman Melville. Her paternal grandmother even maintained a position playing piano as accompaniment for silent movies, as was the custom back in the day.

In her teens Powers began performing in local Coffeehouses throughout New England. But when she fell in love, got married and had a child, she put her pursuits aside. Later, after raising her son and overcoming the hardship of a difficult divorce she rediscovered her passion and returned to making music.

In the aftermath, Kerri Released a self-titled EP In 2014 ...

What’s your music like?

Think of Etta James, Neil Young, Tom Waits, and Bob Dylan.

Where can I hear and see more?