Escaping Pavement

Road Warrior embodies everything that makes Escaping Pavement tick as an extraordinary acoustic duo: stirring harmonies, splendid hooks, bluegrass-worthy instrumental charm and a passion for Michigan’s, “White Pines” and the treasures found in traveling America’s highways...
— John Sinkevics, Local Spins


Hailed as "The most dynamic Americana group out of Detroit, Michigan" Escaping Pavement masterfully blends and blurs the lines of Bluegrass and Folk. Their unique joint front-person arrangement, with Emily Burns and Aaron Markovitz sharing equally in singing, songwriting, and guitar playing allows for astounding, harmony-driven, musical interplay that has earned them slots on bills with the likes of The Tim O’Brien Band and The Dead South. With over 900 shows under their belt and a non-stop touring schedule, this duo is spreading their roots-based message, far and wide. Americana fans will find a lot to love in Escaping Pavement. Find out why Jeff Milo of the Detroit Free Press said, "Escaping Pavement make sparseness stunning. The acoustic guitar and mandolin crackle together like a mesmerizing bonfire, and the voices of the pair blend together like the azure purple and tawny oranges of a vibrant sunset..."

What’s your music like?

Americana wildflowers amongst blades of bluegrass. A mashup of Mandolin Orange meets The Civil Wars meets The Punch Brothers.

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